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Hello and thank you for your interests and in becoming aware of a disease that has plagued men since the beginning of time. Today this disease effects one out of three men and is on the rise. Because of its nature its a subject that goes unaddressed and so many people are misinformed about what Erectile Dysfunction / Impotence is and what options there are to treat and hopefully cure this disease.

I have treated thousands of men from ages 18-96 and I have yet to find one man that was untreatable . There are many different forms of Erectile Dysfunction as well as Premature Ejaculation and if you are experiencing or have experienced any signs of either one I encourage you to seek the proper treatment specific to your need . Our Intracavernous Pharmacotherapy treatment plan is FDA approved and is the only treatment proven to cure premature Ejaculation and in 70% of men a cure to their Erectile Dysfunction. For the other 30% our treatments are their answer when suffering from the effects high blood pressure medicine, diabetes, prostate problems , take on achieving an erection.

Our treatment plans work and we have a 97% success rate with our patients which we are proud of . Every patient is different and no treatment is the same. At Beverly Hills Male Medical Center we monitor your condition and its success as it changes or improves just like your prescription will change throughout this process. Never be fooled by centers that tell you to use more or less of a medicine that isn’t working for you.

The best thing is your cost doesn’t change or fluctuate and their are never any costs for adjustments or office visits after your intial visit. Ive worked for these different companies and I am aware of their high pressure sales and their lack of care once you become their patient. So it is my goal at Beverly Hills Medical Center to educate and to bring about awareness to the ED/PE communities ,to change this industries treatments , and how that specific treatment is monitored , and to make it affordable to each and every man that wants to become what it is to be a man by restoring not only the ability to have sex but the confidence as well. I’m happy to say that I have succeeded in saving patients up to 35% more over other clinics just in costs not to mention value added services. Ive also succeeded in saving patients up to 40 % on refills of their subscriptions. I invite you to an experience that’s life changing, affordable, and guaranteed to work for you every-time .

Dusty Rhodes

Beverly Hills Male Medical Center for the discerning man who demands only the very best

Our goal at Beverly Hills Male Medical Center is to provide personalized assessment and treatment program for each client, rather than a one size fits all approach that is usually ineffective. At Beverly Hills Male Medical Center our doctors and staff work with each client to resolve their concerns, perform a through medical history and physical evaluation while maintaining a confidential experience. The physicians and consultants at Beverly Hills Male Medical Center understand both the physical and psychological effects of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. We limit the number of patients seen each in order to provide adequate amount of time for our clients.