Beverly Hills Male Medical Center | Los Angeles, California.

How long will the office visit last what will happen & what does it cost?

Immediately upon your arrival, you will be taken to a private examining room to see a doctor. He will perform a few tests, including an ultra sound test, check all medical conditions, and ask about any medications you are presently taking. He will take those results and discuss with you the best treatment to fix your problem immediately and to get and maintain an erection that you will not believe. The process if safe and painless with zero side effects and you get all of this on your first consultation. After several minutes he will return to the room to be sure you are happy with the results. He will then discuss with you the time you would like to maintain your erection every time you decide to have sex. Your total time will be about 1 ½ to 2 hours as we need to make sure your test dose worked properly. The cost of the office visit, the tests, and the initial application of medication determined for you by our State Licensed Physician and any prescription required.