Beverly Hills Male Medical Center | Los Angeles, California.

What if I suffer from other ailments, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate problems and/or removal, or if I take medications needed for those conditions?

Beverly Hills Male Medical Centers’ physicians are used to working with patients with the same type of problems from which you suffer medications which you take for the conditions, or even unique new ones. Accordingly, our guarantee that if we don’t succeed for you, our services are free, still stands, no matter what condition from which you presently suffer or medications which you take as our patient. Our medications will work for you irrespective of almost any medical condition or the medications taken for those conditions from which you suffer the symptoms of inability to achieve erection, inability to maintain erection or premature ejaculation. You cannot lose anything by coming in for the appointment. We will make it work for you on your First Visit, even when others have failed or the medical conditions from which you suffer compound your problem.

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