Beverly Hills Male Medical Center | Los Angeles, California.

Want to treat your erectile dysfunction problem? We are here to help you. Just call (310) 400-MALE (6253), to set an appointment at your convenience, often the very same day! Beverly Hills Male Medical Centers wants you to know that hundreds of times every month, we hear the same thing from our patients. “I only wish I had made that call earlier.”

erectile dysfunction

We do not accept insurance directly at our medical centers.  We will provide you with the appropriate medical receipts you can submit to your insurer for possible reimbursement if you want. Reimbursement by your insurer would depend on your plan, our diagnosis of your medical condition and your coverage. From experience we know that you would be better to wait until after your consultation is completed, because the doctor needs to complete all the tests first, get a diagnosis and provide the paper work that applies to your diagnosis.

Immediately upon your arrival, you will be taken to a private examining room to see a doctor. He will perform a few tests, including an ultra sound test, check all medical conditions, and ask about any medications you are presently taking. He will take those results and discuss with you the best treatment to fix your problem immediately and to get and maintain an erection that you will not believe. The process if safe and painless with zero side effects and you get all of this on your first consultation. After several minutes he will return to the room to be sure you are happy with the results. He will then discuss with you the time you would like to maintain your erection every time you decide to have sex. Your total time will be about 1 ½ to 2 hours as we need to make sure your test dose worked properly. The cost of the office visit, the tests, and the initial application of medication determined for you by our State Licensed Physician and any prescription required.

Beverly Hills Male Medical Centers’ physicians are used to working with patients with the same type of problems from which you suffer medications which you take for the conditions, or even unique new ones. Accordingly, our guarantee that if we don’t succeed for you, our services are free, still stands, no matter what condition from which you presently suffer or medications which you take as our patient. Our medications will work for you irrespective of almost any medical condition or the medications taken for those conditions from which you suffer the symptoms of inability to achieve erection, inability to maintain erection or premature ejaculation. You cannot lose anything by coming in for the appointment. We will make it work for you on your First Visit, even when others have failed or the medical conditions from which you suffer compound your problem.

At Beverly Hills Male Medical Centers, all we treat is the inability to achieve erection, inability to maintain erection or premature ejaculation. General physicians or even urologists are perfect for other problems, but while they may deal with patients who experience your problem three or four times each month, Beverly Hills Male Medical Centers deal with only these problems several thousand times per year. Our specialized treatment programs are not only specifically designed for those types of problems, our programs remain on the cutting edge of the available technology. Besides, we GUARANTEE results or our services are FREE! Your physician won’t do that for you!